The CC KEY community was formed with the aim of learning from one another, and providing the opportunity for measurement and comparison as well as for systematic further development. The members of this community have set themselves the goal of making a significant contribution towards efforts in their respective enterprises to provide agreed functionality and quality, adherence to budget, high speed and the ability to meet deadlines as well as to deliver the value that the sponsor expects to gain from the project – including in the case of large and complex projects.

Criteria for Project Success
Criteria for Project Success

The members therefore meet up several times a year to exchange views on the results of research developed by the CC KEY team and to work together on current topics such as:

  • Agile versus waterfall projects (“How can you launch rapid-fire actions and still be sure of hitting the target?”)
  • Project front-end loading (“You’ve made your bed, but do you really have to lie in it?”)
  • Project governance (“How do you steer the steering?”)
  • Project organisation (“What is the right way to set up large projects?”)
  • Project outcomes (&ldqUo;How can project success and value be measured?”)
  • Project portfolio (“When should projects be turned down?”)
  • Project risk (“Why do we need contingency plans?”)

The community is involved with regular events and also addresses concrete questions and issues of members, who then reap direct benefits from the knowledge and experience of other members. The CC KEY team’s role in this context is to act as moderator and to process the results.