The members of CC KEY enjoy the following benefits:

  • Use of the entire KEY toolbox (including KEY Method, KEY Vademecum, KEY Confidant, KEY Training),
  • Exclusive training in the KEY Method by the CC KEY team,
  • Leverage effect by collaborating on the further development of the KEY Method,
  • Custom solutions through joint research and development projects,
  • Project review (assessment, analysis, report, presentation, discussion) by the CC KEY team,
  • Access to expert’s reports and studies by the CC KEY team,
  • Network with neutral platform for an open exchange of experiences with all other partner organisations,
  • Participation in CC KEY workshops,
  • Participation in the St. Galler Anwenderforum,
  • Participation in other CC KEY events sowie
  • Access to all scientific results of CC KEY, including working papers, scientific articles, doctoral theses, master and bachelor dissertations, studies, books, etc.